The Institute employs a diverse team of statisticians, economists, peace and conflict experts, communication specialists and thought leaders. Our team is constantly expanding and we are always looking for new talent.



  • Research Fellow (Sydney office)

    The Research Fellow will conduct research on a wide range of topics including IEP’s Global Peace Index, Positive Peace research, peace economics, development studies, and peace and conflict studies. Experience/knowledge of systems thinking, complexity thinking, or systems engineering would be highly desirable. Backgrounds in computer science, programming or quantitative risk modelling would also be favourable. Ideal candidates will have a deep interest in big picture questions around peace and development, be open-minded to multidisciplinary approaches in the social sciences and be well travelled.

    For more information and to apply, please download the full job description using the link shown to the right. The closing date is 2 April, 2019.

  • Global Peace Index Rotary Ambassador Program

    Exclusive to Rotary Peace Fellows, the GPI Ambassador Program is an exciting collaboration with Rotary International, which focuses on engaging the most dedicated Rotary Peace Fellows in understanding IEP’s empirical peace research. It brings together education, community-based programming, and engagement with the Rotary network to offer Peace Fellows new approaches and opportunities to build peace.

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