Our Expertise

The Institute for Economics and Peace provides a range of consulting services with a focus on generating and analysing data in order to better understand the various elements of peace.

As an organisation that produces innovative methodologies to quantify elements of human development and progress, the Institute uses in house expertise to produce custom research for a number of different clients. Our key areas of expertise include quantitative research, data generation, index development, statistical analysis and communicating data driven research within the field of peace, conflict and development.


Quantitative research and analysis

Data generation

Index development

Communications and advocacy

Peace and conflict research

Projects include

The variety of projects and clients the Institute for Economics and Peace has worked for reflects the diversity of our expertise and our dedication to producing research that informs a more  peaceful future. We have worked with intergovernmental organisations, NGOs, not-for-profits and businesses around the world.

For all consulting inquiries, please contact us at: info@economicsandpeace.org