The inaugural conference, “Peace Metrics, Peace Economics, and the Role of Business,” co-hosted by the Institute for Economics and Peace and American University’s Kogod School of Business, will take place April 5-6, 2013 in Washington, DC. This multi-disciplinary conference will focus on analyzing conceptual frameworks for measuring peace, understanding the generalized determinants of peace, describing the economic benefits of a more peaceful society, and identifying the relationship between business and peace.

The conference will connect academics and students from different conceptual and theoretical backgrounds, providing a forum for research presentations by selected graduate students, and presenting current research, practice, and ideas from established academics and practitioners.

This forum aims to develop new ideas and thinking on this research, establish networks to sustain conversation and the exchange of ideas, and produce a new annual publication, Peace Metrics. The conference will convene graduate* students and academics in the following areas of study: business, public policy, international relations, orthodox and heterodox economics, and statistics, among others. Discussions and networking opportunities with practitioners will be included in the program.


Download the agenda here Peace Metrics, Peace Economics and the Role of Business – Agenda (PDF)

Call for submissions

Graduate students are invited to submit original research papers and case studies within the broad scope of the conference. We will also consider submissions focusing on the application of novel research methodologies (e.g., GIS) and original multi-media productions.

A committee composed of AU faculty and IEP representatives will review all submitted papers for presentation in the conference. A selection of the best papers from the conference will be published in the inaugural IEP journal, Peace Metrics.

When: Friday, April 5 – Saturday, April 6, 2013
Where: American University Kogod School of Business, Washington, DC

Submissions should present research that falls within the following three broad themes:

Conference themes

Measuring Peace, Assessing Risk Economics of Peace and its Policy Implications Role of Business in Building Peace
  • Developing a general theory of negative peace at societal and interpersonal level
  • Using the Global Peace Index (GPI) as an effective measure of negative peace and presenting empirical research linking the GPI to other cultural, economic, and political factors
  • Examining and explaining correlations within the GPI and U.S. Peace Index and understanding the causal mechanisms that determine peace
  • Investigating the link between investment and capacity in security and peacefulness
  • Identifying industries that thrive in peace and attaching a pecuniary value to improvements in peace
  • Further defining Peace Economics and applications to standard macroeconomic theory
  • Peace Industries/Markets: Parameters, Possibilities and their multiplier effect
  • Describing the business response to risk
  • Investigating the role of peace and conflict in investment decisions
  • Defining why peace is important to corporations and integrating peace metrics into standard business analytical tools
  • Peace through commerce



Registration has now closed. Please contact with any questions or concerns.


Business, peace and economics are interlinked, and there is untapped potential in researching these relationships from multiple perspectives. With advances in fact-based peace metrics led by IEP through the Global Peace Index and related research, as well as further study into the links between peace and commerce by international academics, a base of research exists to propel further study on the measurement of peace and the role business in peace economics.

Related resources will soon be available on this website as well as updated logistical information for the conference.


Please contact with any questions.

*Advanced undergraduates may also participate.


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