Module 1: An Understanding of Peace

Explore the factors influencing a country’s peacefulness and why peace is more than simply the absence of war

This module explores students’ understanding of peace and what we objectively know about global peace. The activities challenge students to think about what peace really means and explore the factors that influence the peacefulness of a society.

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Educational Objectives

At the completion of this module the students will be able to:

  • Define peace as more than the absence of violence
  • Appreciate the role of the media in influencing our perceptions of peace
  • Recognize the differing levels of peace in the world and the factors that impact on it
  • Use the Global Peace Index to examine issues of peace within and between countries
  • Articulate ways to overcome the cycle of violence and promote peace
  • Work collaboratively, share opinions and respect others.


Activities Overview

Activities Class Time Curriculum areas
Activity 1: What do you understand peace to be? 2x 45 minutes Media, Social Studies
Activity 2: Personal peace 1.5x 45 minutes Media, Social Studies, Mathematics
Activity 3: Determining the peacefulness of a school 1.5x 45 minutes Social Studies
Activity 4: The Global Peace Index 45 minutes Media, Social Studies
Activity 5: The cycle of peace 45 minutes Social Studies



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