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In an effort to enhance students’ understanding of peace, IEP has developed education modules that go beyond conflict resolution to explore the broader meaning of global peace and its impact on our daily lives.

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Building Blocks of Peace

The Building Blocks of Peace is a series of free teaching materials that offer a fresh perspective to the issues surrounding global peace. Downloadable in PDF format, the modules come complete with teacher notes, lesson plans, student handouts, assessment suggestions and extension activities, as well as links to multimedia teaching resources, such as the interactive map of global peacefulness.

Each module contains a range of activities that are both stimulating and challenging – offering a uniquely broad view of global peace. While these materials are designed to build upon each other to provide an extensive understanding of these important issues, they can also be used as separate exercises or to support existing class work. By working through each module and the extensive supporting information provided, students will learn how to define peace for themselves and gain an understanding of the key factors that encourage peaceful society.

These education modules are not restricted to any single curriculum area. Schools can easily customize activities to meet their needs and teachers have complete flexibility to offer learning within a range of subjects, or through special projects and theme days.

The step-by-step lesson plans are designed for 14-16 year old students, and include guides to the United States National Council for Social Studies Thematic Strands.

Download the Building Blocks of Peace

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“The Institute for Economics and Peace has built these excellent education materials so students and teachers can engage in a detailed examination of peace and help move us toward the achievable goal of a more peaceful world.” Harriet Mayor Fulbright, President and CEO, The Fulbright Center

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