Academic Engagement

The Institute for Economics and Peace works closely with academics and universities globally, including a growing network of business schools. It aims to inspire and facilitate deeper research into peace and its value to society, commerce, and the global economy through conferences, networks, and teaching.

IEP indices and analysis are used in courses around the world across a range of fields: from management, business and economics to criminal justices, conflict resolution and international affairs.

IEP has developed a Business Faculty Network - a consortium of leading scholars in business and management, working to produce original research and to develop innovative new curriculum tools on the linkages between business, peace, and economic development.

It is widely recognized that business, peace and economic development are interlinked, and there is untapped potential in researching these relationships from multiple perspectives. With advances in fact-based peace research led by the IEP it is now possible to gain a better understanding of the impact of peace on costs, markets and profits of businesses, and incorporate these findings into business school programs.

An inaugural meeting of this Network was held on January 28-29, 2011 at American University’s Kogod School of Business, Washington, DC. You can download the Participant list and Agenda.

 Article: New Faculty Network to Examine Links Between Economics and Peace.

If you would like to be included in IEP’s academic engagement, are looking for further information, or have relevant material to bring to our attention, please contact us directly.



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