September 14, 2017

Join DME for Peace on Thursday, September 14th at 9:30am EDT as Talia Hagerty, Research Fellow at the Institute for Economics and Peace, hosts the M&E Thursday Talk series to lead a discussion on “Measuring Peacebuilding Cost-Effectiveness.

The need to understand what works in peacebuilding, how to measure its impact and cost-effectiveness is essential to long-term efforts to prevent violence and build peace. Yet, there is much we collectively do not know about peacebuilding and its overall effectiveness. At a time when the US government and international community’s resources to international development and aid is under strain, the need to understand and invest in the most cost-effective ways to build long-term peace is a key question. The cost-effectiveness of peacebuilding is the degree to which the economics benefits arising from greater levels of peacefulness outweigh the monetary costs engendered by peacebuilding expenditure.