September 07-08, 2017

Future 21, 2017 – Young Australians in International Affairs

Explore the pressing challenges for Australia in the 21st century at Future 21,  Young Australians in International Affairs annual national conference

Alongside some of Australia’s leading policy thinkers and practitioners, join the next generation of policy makers, thought leaders and academics to think critically about Australia’s domestic and foreign policy and how we will navigate our future in the Indo-Pacific Asian century.

Over two days, sessions will focus on topics such as the international security environment Australia faces in the 21st century, our regional strategic outlook in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, the future of the Australia-US-China relationship, deep dives on regions such as Europe and the Middle East, as well as the rise of technology, cyber war and the possibility of war in outer space. 

Participants will also be able to pitch their ideas about Australian foreign policy and how Australia can uphold and promote its interests in an increasingly complex world to an amazing lineup of government, academic and industry leaders.

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