November 17, 2016

America and Global Megatrends
November 16th – 18th, 2016
WACA 2016 National Conference, Washington DC

Director of the Institute for Economics and Peace Americas Program, Michelle Breslauer will present the key findings of this years Global Terrorism Index.

The Global Terrorism Index is the world’s leading metric for policymakers, assisting in their efforts to track, understand and measure the impact and underlying drivers of terrorism.

November 17 at 4:00pm on Countering Violent Extremism: Prevention and Intervention

The following experts will share their thoughts and expertise in a moderated discussion:

Michelle Breslauer Director Americas Program Institute for Economics & Peace

Salam Al-Marayati President and Co-founder Muslim Public Affairs Council

Celina Realuyo Professor of Practice National Defense University

Moderated by: Andrew Parasiliti Director, Center for Global Risk and Security RAND Corporation

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