Alistair Gee

Alistair Gee is the Chief Operating Officer of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP). Alistair joined IEP in July 2016 having had leadership roles in many successful peace and economics initiatives over the past twenty years. Prior to joining IEP, Alistair was the CEO of Act for Peace for 11 years, during which time they raised over $100m for peace and protection programs. Alistair has been Co-Convenor and Treasurer of Make Poverty History, a campaign of over 100 organisations which enabled successive Australian governments to spend $19b more over the past decade on aid than it would otherwise have done. In 2012 he developed the Armed Violence Reduction Monitor which seeks to track investment in over 180 countries. Alistair has worked on developing innovative peace investment options, including success-based bonds to join business, government and civil society in reducing the cost of violence.

Alistair’s leadership positions in international peace and protection initiatives include: Co-founder of the Centre for Armed Violence Reduction; Chair of The Border Consortium; Founding Chair of the Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect; Chair of the Australian Council for International Development’s Advocacy and Public Policy Committee; Chair of Jubilee Australia; Chair of the Refugee Advice & Casework Service. Alistair has also practised as a lawyer and was previously a doctoral candidate in international law on peace and displacement at the University of Sydney.