IEP’s research agenda aims to drive the development of new, fact-based thinking on how to:

  • Measure the state of peace globally, and within nations;
  • Better understand the social, political and economic drivers of peace, globally and within nations;
  • Quantify the economic benefits of peace to show that peace building should be a key part of economic theory and government policy.

By measuring the state of peace, we can further our understanding of the social, political and economic factors that help develop more peaceful environments. With an objective, fact-based view of the relative peacefulness of different nations and regions it is possible to compare the different social, political and economic conditions that develop more peaceful societies.

IEP believes the policy impetus for creating more peaceful societies will be advanced if civil society, organsations, governments, and business leaders understand the significant economic benefits associated with peace.

IEP Indices and Datasets

IEP Analysis



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