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IEP believes a thorough fact-based approach to measurement is the first step to achieving the goal of more peaceful societies. While a peaceful society is a goal most people would aspire to, surprisingly little research has been focused on measuring the texture of peace beyond the simple conception of whether nation states are at war or not. While research energy has been devoted to understanding the causes of war very little time has been devoted to understanding the social, political and economic determinants of peace.

Mexico Peace Index

IEP’s Mexico Peace Index measures the level of peace in all 32 Mexican states over the last decade. The Index uses 7 indicators to gauge levels of peace and the report provides a breakdown of the socio-economic factors associated with peace. See more on the Mexico Peace Index.



Global Terrorism Index

IEP’s Global Terrorism Index (GTI) was created to measure the impact of terrorism around the world. Terrorism is more than just a one of event; attacks have a lingering effect on society in terms of fear and security responses. As such, the GTI uses a five year weighted average to measure the impact of terrorism. See more on the Global Terrorism Index

Global Peace Index

IEP’s Global Peace Index (GPI) was created to measure not just the relative states of peace in the nations of the world, but to also create a framework which allows us to track and compare how peace develops over time. See more on the Global Peace Index

National Peace Indices

IEP is also creating a series of nation-specific peace indices which allow regional differences within countries to be measured and taken in to account. So far, IEP have released two national peace indices: the US Peace Index and the UK Peace Index.

US Peace Index

The fist of such indices is the United States Peace Index (USPI), launched in April 2011. The first-ever ranking of peace in the U.S., the USPI shows the nation has become more peaceful since 1995. See more on the USPI

UK Peace Index

The United Kingdom Peace Index (UKPI), launched in April 2013, explores the fabric of peace in the UK; it identifies the key drivers or peace, as well as root causes of violence. . See more on the UKPI   Request data used in IEP indices by completing the data request form.


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