National Peace Indices

Measuring regional differences in peace can deepen our understanding of its key drivers and economic impact.

Mexico Peace Index

The Mexico Peace Index (MPI) measure the state of peace in Mexico in all 32 states over the last decade. The Index uses similar indicators to the US Peace Index and UK Peace Index, with the addition of two new indicators to account for specific challenges to peace in Mexico – these include the efficiency of the justice system and organised crime.

Explore the data on the Mexico Peace Index interactive map and download the MPI Report and state reports for Sinaloa and Baja California.

The United Kingdom Peace Index

The UK Peace Index (UKPI) is the first comprehensive measure of levels of peacefulness across the UK. The UKPI measures levels of peace according to five key indicators: the levels of violent crime, homicide, public disorder,weapons crime and the number of police.

Explore the data on the UKPI interactive map and download the UKPI Report.

The United States Peace Index

The USPI is the first national peace index and is the only statistical analysis that offers a comprehensive nation-wide measurement of crime and its costs to all 50 states.

The index uses five key indicators to measure peace: the number of homicides, the number of violent crimes, the incarceration rate, the number of police officers and the availability of small arms.

USPI results are correlated against a large secondary dataset of economic, educational, health, demographic, and social capital factor, in order to determine the environments which are most closely associated with peace in the U.S.

2012 US Peace Index

The 2012 USPI is the second annual edition of the index and now includes a Metropolitan Peace Index which includes measures of peacefulness in 61 metropolitan statistical areas within the U.S.

According to the 2012 USPI, the U.S. is more peaceful now than at any other time over the last twenty years; since 1991 there has been a substantial and sustained reduction in direct violence across the United States.

See the US Peace Index portal to engage with the interactive maps, download the report and see key findings from 2012.

Download the report

 The USPI Report provides an analysis of the socio-economic measures that are associated with peace as well as estimates of the economic benefits that would flow from increases in peace.

Request data

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